Dental Night Guard Thickness

Dental Night Guard Thickness


If you are suffering from Bruxism and are looking for a custom-fit dental guard, i.e. when you’re first starting the treatment, you might not know what exactly will work for you. Every custom-fit dental guard is unique, and it is customized and molded to match an individual’s alignment and bite.

Spilling beans on the appropriate dental night guard for you!

Here we will spill the beans on the appropriate dental night guards per your requirements. You might get confused between a thinner or thicker guard to treat your issue of Bruxism. Both types have their uses and functions. So, let us tell you everything about the dental night guards:
The Thinner Dental Night Guard: Lesser dental night guard thickness, i.e. the ones that are thin, can work best if you plan to wear one during the daytime while working, commuting, exercising, etc. Such night guards will provide you with the same level of protection while you are busy undertaking your everyday business. At Custom Night Guard, our experts develop guards made of top-notch dental lab quality, whether a thin or thick guard. They will be easily able to withstand the wear and tear caused due to teeth grinding.

Other cases where a thinner nightguard will work well:

There are some other conditions where thinner night guards will work well. For example, if you suffer from other states like sleep apnea or have restlessness at night due to Bruxism. A thinner nightguard will work well in all cases because a thicker one can further disrupt your sleep and worsen the condition. On the contrary, a thinner night guard will provide a natural fit for your teeth and encourage you to sleep peacefully. Also, you must not believe that a thicker nightguard will give you more protection because it all depends on your needs and requirements what works best for you.

A Thicker Night Guard: A thicker Dental Night Guard will also work wonders for an untreated Bruxism that has been troubling you for a long. If you grind your teeth hard while sleeping, then a thicker nightguard will be your best bet. If you are comfortable wearing one, then check out our collection. We have all sorts of Dental NightGuard thicknesses in our catalog. Every product is lab-tested and of excellent quality.

A Hygiene Regime for your Night Guard:

If you are using dental nightguards, you must follow a strict hygienic regime to make the most of it and get the best results. Just as you replace your toothbrush after a month or more, the same should be done with the night guard to maintain good oral hygiene to avoid the cropping up of bacterial family in your mouth! This rule should be followed strictly irrespective of dental night guard thickness.

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