Dental Care Products

Dental Care Products


The market is flooded with various dental care products, so it becomes cumbersome for the users to decide which one will be the best. At Custom Night Guard, you can get the best dental products of excellent quality.

We have a wide range of top-notch dental care products available at the best price.

Our Product Range:

Please have a look at our wide product range:

Nightguard: These are also known as mouth guards, dental guards, nocturnal bite plates, or bite splints. They work by creating a barrier between your teeth. So, the next time you clench your jaw at night, your night guard will lighten the tension and create a cushion for the muscles and the jaw. Such cushioning effect prevents jaw pain and protects the enamel of your teeth. The most common causes of Bruxism can also be easily treated by wearing a night guard for teeth while you sleep. These are some of the most widely sold dental care products in the market.

Teeth Whitening Trays: Teeth whitening trays are a good solution for patients with yellow stains on their teeth who want to brighten their smiles. We provide custom-fitted trays per the patients’ needs. Our teeth whitening trays are effective, and patients can see the results quickly. Another advantage of such trays is that they prevent gum irritation.

Migraine and Tension headache Appliances: These are thin appliances for the upper and lower jaw to be worn together. These are comfortable to wear and intend to reduce the clenching forces on the teeth, preventing migraine and tension-type headaches in the patients.

Braces Retainer: Retainers are custom-made devices designed to hold your teeth in place and are often prescribed after braces. These are also quite effective to keep your bite in place after it’s been reshaped or corrected. However, wearing a retainer can be pretty irritating, but it is still a mild inconvenience compared to that felt after wearing braces all over the teeth. On the other hand, Braces are dental tools that can help correct problems like crowding, crooked teeth, or out of alignment teeth. Braces gradually align your teeth and straighten them to have a normal bite. They are sometimes also used to adjust the smile.

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We are committed to providing you with excellent dental care products. Our experienced team has the expertise to develop customized products, and they invest considerable time in the research and development and then bring the best products to the table.

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