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Do you want to correct the alignment of your teeth and the overall look while you smile? If you nod along, then dental braces and retainers will be your best bet! They are the best dental treatment you can go for to improve your appearance or correct jaw function. However, they take their sweet time to work! It means they usually take one to two years to be effective and need to be looked after carefully.

What are braces?

Braces are commonly used dental appliances that comprise of:
• Small brackets that are fixed to the teeth
• Wires that connect the brackets

What’s the mechanism or function of this dental equipment?

The function of Dental Braces and Retainers is quite simple. The wires gently put pressure on the teeth by pulling them into the correct position. The advantages of braces are as follows:

• It corrects the problems of crooked teeth,
• They also rectify the issue of the gap between the teeth,
• They also help in the jaw and bite alignment.

What are Brackets?

Brackets are made of metal and sometimes worn with colored elastic fittings. You can also use alternative ceramic braces that can be colored to blend in with the teeth. However, the latter is expensive.

What is a retainer?

A retainer is a device designed to hold the teeth in the proper position once they have been moved into the correct place by using braces. A permanent retainer is a line of metal attached to the inside of the teeth to stop them from moving or changing positions. On the other hand, a temporary retainer does the same thing with the only difference: it can be put in and taken out and is only worn during the night.

Benefits of dental braces and retainers

In addition to improving the appearance of your teeth, here are some of the many benefits of dental braces and retainers. Take a look:
• They protect you from tooth wear and tear.
• They protect you from clenching and grinding
• They prevent gum damage
• They reduce the stress on the jaw joint

Alternatives to dental braces and retainers

If you have a problem with the teeth alignment or the position of your teeth and you do not want to go for retainers or braces, you can also consider the following alternatives:

• Wear invisible aligners that are most appropriate for minor adjustments.
• Tooth extraction is again a preventive measure against overcrowding.
• Removable ‘plates’ are also one of the best remedies for some tooth problems in young children.

Why Choose Us?

We at Custom Night Guard have an experienced team of dental experts who have been developing dental equipment for years now. All our dental products are top-notch and of high quality. Consequently, we have a loyal clientele who rely on us for all sorts of dental apparatus.
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