Bruxism Night Guards for Teeth Grinding & Clenching

Bruxism Night Guards for Teeth Grinding & Clenching


While going through the many types of dental defects, you might have come across the term Bruxism. Many people are unaware of this defect, so we are dedicating this post to Bruxism and the cures for this problem. So, Stay tuned till the end.

Bruxism is a type of dental defect; to be precise, it is a term used for teeth grinding and clenching. This problem can be very damaging to the teeth and, at the same time, painful.
So, what’s the solution to this problem? Bruxism Night Guards for Teeth Grinding & Clenching is your safe and best bet to rectify this issue.
Now another problem crops up: which nightguard to choose when you have a sea of products in the market. Seriously, it can be pretty daunting to pick the correct night guard for Bruxism that can help anyone who is facing this problem.

Before proceeding with the details of the Night Guards, let us tell you a bit more about the problem of Bruxism.

Know everything about Bruxism:

Bruxism is a very common type of dental issue in people, and many might not even be aware of this problem of their teeth grinding.
There are two types of Bruxism:
Diurnal Bruxism: It refers to the grinding of teeth while being awake.
Nocturnal Bruxism: It refers to grinding teeth while sleeping.

Symptoms of Bruxism are following:
• Teeth grinding
• Jaw soreness
• Facial pain
• Waking up with dull headaches can eventually lead to fatigue due to lack of sleep.

Bruxism can cause the following issues:
• Broken teeth,
• Loss of tooth enamel,
• Even loss of teeth in severe cases.
The exact cause is of Bruxism is unknown. However, some researchers believe that it is caused due to stress, anxiety, alcohol use, excessive caffeine intake, cigarettes, an abnormal bite, etc.

How a night guard creates a shield?

Bruxism Night Guards for Teeth Grinding & Clenchingis also known as dental guards, nocturnal bite plates, bite splints, mouth guards, etc. Most cases of Bruxism can be easily treated by wearing a nightguard as they work by creating a barrier between the teeth.
For example, if you clench your jaw, the night guard will lighten the tension and create a cushion effect for the jaw muscles that will eventually prevent face and jaw pain and protect the enamel of your teeth.

Why Choose us for Night Guards?

We are a renowned and specialized online retailer selling customized nightguards that are also cost-effective. Our expert professionals have been creating customized Bruxism Night Guards for Teeth Grinding & clenching that can be effortlessly fitted. They design nightguards that will work best for you per your individual needs.

Types of Night Guards that we design:

Our skilled professionals have expertise in developing all sorts of night guards viz:

Soft Night Guard: These are mostly used for mild or occasional cases of teeth grinding or Bruxism in the patients.

Dual Laminate Night Guards: This type is mostly used for moderately severe teeth grinders. They are soft on the inside and hard on the outside.

Hard Night Guards: As the name suggests, these are highly durable and rigid Bruxism NightGuards for Teeth Grinding & Clenching used to treat severe cases of Bruxism.

Connect with us to know more:

If you still have doubts regarding night guards, please feel free to connect with our experts, who will give you all the details about Bruxism and its cures.

You can visit our website and explore all our dental care product offerings.

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